A design is best optimized from the start of the design effort where often a structural model and analysis approach is well defined.  Naturally the structural models are used to determine the areas of the vessel that require reinforcement, whereas the areas that could be reduced in strength are often not reviewed in further detail.

Viking Systems has developed a design optimization procedure, and SAGA feature, that allows for the optimization of a structure through an iteractive software solution that can be used on all types of ships and all types of failure modes:

  • Definition of minimum scantlings throughout the structure - taking into account structural rules used in the basic design

  • Definition of optimum placement of openings - in low stress areas

  • Definition of allowable scantling increments via SAGA property library

  • Iterative scantling changes to determine optimum solution using yielding and buckling rules:

    • Structural stress changes as a function of scantlings
    • Simultaneous yielding and buckling assessment
    • Plate thickness optimization while stiffener acceptance is maintained
    • Stiffener web and flange thickness optimization
    • Stiffener size optimization via SAGA property library
    • Tabular presentation of acceptance path during optimization
    • 3D model plotting of optimum scantling per assumptions made
  • Remodeling of optimum structure for final verification

    • Validate assumptions made during optimization
    • Determine spill-over effects into other areas affected