SAGA is used by Viking team members to apply corrosion instructions that have been entered into a database system developed by Viking Systems to manage the corrosion gaugings:

  • Location of gauging including tank and coordinates

  • Gauged Thickness

  • As built thickness

  • Protection of Future Anticipated Corrosion

  • Renewal required class steel renewal calculation requirements

SAGA applies the corrosion values by subtracting the FEA model scantlings:

  • Plate thickness

  • Stiffener web thickness

  • Stiffener flange thickness

The model's gauging database is compared and a corroded model is made:

  • As Built model and database thicknesses are compared and validity checked
  • Plate thickness and stiffener properties are updated

  • Interpolation options for elements away from gaugings

  • Percentage rule minimum corrosion can be applied

  • Diminution corrosion can be subtracted

Resulting FEA Model with as gauged thickness: