Viking Systems has worked on the design of cruise ships and quay side hotels using classification society rules and advanced finite element tools developed specifically to handle the deck-to-deck loading through pillars and the design of door and window openings.

Viking Systems uses stabilty reports and model test results to design the structure of cruise ships and to obtain classification society approval on the structure. SAGA is used in combination with FEMAP to create a wide range of both global and local models customized to meet the needs of the client and the requirements of the project:


  • 3D Model used for design of pillars

  • Automated shell mesh generation from hull offset tables, structural drawings or general arrangement drawings

  • Automated deck and bulkhead mesh generation

  • Automated updating of beam properties to include attached plating for hybrid beam theory

  • Mesh refinement capabilities for local model generation

  • Corrosion deduction regions allow for rapid corrosion modeling

  • Design of door and window openings

  • Refurbishment engineering to add new features to the vessel