Viking Systems is a solutions provider of conventional and specialized structural design, analysis, and verification of ships and offshore assets to ensure the highest quality structures while reducing the cost of construction and maintenance.

Viking Systems was founded in 2000 to serve the Military and Naval Vessel community, Commercial Ship owners and operators and the Offshore Oil and Gas industry. Our experience, coupled with the consistent application and development of innovative computer programs to serve our clients' needs, propels our engineering teams to make sound and consistent decisions about our clients' ships and offshore assets. Analysis is based on classical design rules as well as advanced tools for structural modeling, loading and assessment. 

Viking is priveleged to work with clients from the marine industry ranging from US Navy, US Coast Guard, NASA, Military SeaLift Command to Oil and Gas companies engaged in the design of conventional and high-speed vessels, as well as commercial ships including offshore barges, heated cargo barges, tankers, containerships and cruise ships. 

Viking's team is comprised of experienced mechanical engineers, naval architects, marine engineers, civil engineers, software developers and business professionals.